Cinamatic 1.1.1

By on 27 June 2014

There’s a Cinamatic update and not just any old update either! Hipstamatic has added quite a few new functions that give the app an entirely new lease on life. Judge for yourself:


Import Footage

It’s now possible to import video footage, even if it was originally recorded with another application. In other words, you are now able to apply Cinamatic filters to those. The only down side is the duration. If your video is any longer than 15 seconds, you will have to shorten it to Cinamatic’s required 15-second maximum. That said, you are free to repeat this process at will, as the new 1.1.1 version also allows you to… merge clips.


Clip merging

You can now make longer videos! That’s great news because the 15-second limit was quite a constraint. It really is as easy as selecting several clips and merging them. You’re all set for your first feature-length movie!

Segment rearranging

Cutting, pasting, moving, deleting… You can now reorganise your clips as you see fit! In order to merge your clips, chose "Edit" and select the clips you want to merge. You also have the option of changing the sequence of the segments by clicking the cogwheel to the right ("Rearrange Clip Segments").



This was possibly the weakest link as far as Cinamatic is concerned, but Hipstamatic has successfully filled that gap: you can now import any track from your music library and use it as a soundtrack for your final edit. This will, no doubt, be a total game changer allowing you to express your creativity to its full extent. To change the soundtrack (be it for a single segment or a fully edited video), click on the "Music" logo to the right of the menu and select the top icon.


Intensity Control™

A curser makes it possible to manipulate the intensity of each of the Cinamatic effects. The curser goes from 1 to 9, allowing you to personally define the desired intensity. Very handy and a brilliant idea!


Advanced Adjustment Sliders (AAS)

On top of that, you can now also modify the light intensity, contrast and saturation so as to completely personalise the effects. All you need to do is move the curser, either to the left (from 0 to -4) or to the right (from 0 to +4).


Cinamatic PRO is a free Upgrade for all current Cinamatic users, and will be a 99¢ upgrade for all the new mobile movie makers.

There you go! You can start working on your feature-length film and share it with us… of course… Can you feel the first Cinamatography Awards coming on? I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other in a few months time for yet another unforgettable ceremony…

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