Cinamatic – User’s Guide

By on 14 May 2014


User’s guide

The app opens up with a minimalist window showing three buttons: the main record-button (1), a button to switch the flash on/off (2), and a button to activate the iPhone’s front camera (3).

A fourth button, depicting a film roll (4), will appear as soon as you have recorded your first film; this will allow you to access your library of clips.


In order to start filming, all you need to do is hold down the red button; the elapsed time becomes visible at the top of the screen, and you can also see the number of seconds ticking away around your main record-button. Your clip cannot be shorter than 3 seconds and cannot exceed 15 seconds.

It’s possible to film in separate segments; all you need to do is release the record-button to interrupt your filming and hold it down again to continue. This way you can split the video, which will allow you to apply some really cool transitions (automatically) during the "Process" phase.


To continue with the next (Process) phase, you need to confirm your choice by tapping the "V". If, however, you’re not happy with your clip, you can always choose "X" and erase it.


By accessing your internal Cinamatic library, you are given the opportunity to either "Edit" or modify your clips. You can also gain access to your library by hitting the "film roll" button (4) on your main screen.

In order to name or rename your video, you can hit the number that represents the duration of your clip. If your clip is 15 seconds long, you get two choices: you can "Choose Film" to start editing or you can "Edit Clip Name" to name/rename your clip.

If your clip happens to be shorter than 15 seconds, you are given a third option: "Reload Clip into Camera". This function means that you can continue filming until the 15 seconds expire.



This is the creative part of the process and this is where we get drawn back into the "Hipstamatic"-realm, with several filter options. It’s a shame, though, that there is no direct link between Cinamatic and Classic or Oggl. It might have been interesting to see what John S could have brought to the moving image medium, but I’m assuming that this new app wants to differentiate itself from its siblings.

There are, at this point, five different filters: Darwin, Andrei, Marc, Bennett and Robert. In other words, five distinctly different moods you can apply to your videos. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest that Darwin is possibly Float’s brother, Andrei is quite likely AO BW’s son, Marc might be Florence’s cousin, Bennet is almost certainly Loftus’ little brother and Robert no doubt married into Mabel’s family.


The Cinamatic family, however, isn’t restricted to these five members. By pressing the "+" button, you will be redirected to the "Shop", and just like with Hipstamatic Classic, you can purchase more effects for as little as $0.99 (0,89 €). You can preview the effects by selecting one of the nine available filters; two paks containing either 3 or 5 effects can be bought for 1,79 € or 3,59 €.


Let’s head back to the previous screen to choose one of those effects.


Once you’ve chosen one of the 5 basic effects, you need to choose the "Process" option; the desired filter will be applied and you can go ahead and share your masterpiece. You can also add text or # before choosing how to send it out into the world: Vine, Instagram, Facebook, via email or message.


By clicking "Save & Close", your clip will be recorded in your iPhone’s library.

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