Video of the day by Cara Gallardo Weil

By on 13 mai 2014
Filter:  Federico  +  Robert 
Title: "Trams"
Edited with: Videohance


"I used Federico for most of the clips. I used Robert for the first clip because I wanted the mirror effect of the tram where it looks like it is running into itself. This doesn't happen every time you apply the Robert filter - when I was editing, and trying out the different filters, I noticed this effect, but when I went back to the Robert filter after trying others, it didn't immediately happen again, so I had to try a few times before getting the effect back.

I used Videohance to put the clips together. I edited the clip shot with the Robert filter using the colour option in Videohance - I wanted to get it looking closer to Federico by bumping up the colour and saturation. I also used Videohance to edit the clips - starting and finishing where I wanted."
Cara Gallardo Weil

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